Koh Chang or Chang Island Sea
Beaches on Koh Chang:

White Sand Beach (Had Sai Khao): It is on the western coast of Koh Chang next to Khlong Son Bay which located on the top north of the island. The beach got this name because the sand is so white. Places for stay are not expensive, but there are some five-star resorts as well. Food shops, pubs and bars are easy to find at night time. The sea water here is clean and good for swimming. It will be safer to swim with life jackets on and not far out off the beach cause the farther you go, the deeper the sea water is. There are bicycles and motorcycles for rent too. The White Sand Beach is the best spot to see the sun setting. White Sand Beach is a truly the centre of Koh Chang like the Patong Beach of Phuket, or the Chaweng Beach of Samui. The beach is surrounded by the community of visitors, but it has not beaten those places mentioned above yet. In the future, it will rival those places surely. The road to and from the White Sand Beach are well built. They run along the beach and are the pathways to many other places. That is why the beach has grown by leaps and bounds. Even the Governor of Trat and the Director of the Power Plant of Trat are able to see a great chance for the future of this beach. They are cooperating with one another and piloting and electric wire running underground project for the beach which will make the area tidier and more beautiful to welcome visitors.

White Sand Beach, Koh Chang

Pearl Beach or Had Kai Mook: Kai Mook Beach is a beach between White Sand Beach and Khlong Prao Beach. It is a quite calm and suitable for relaxing. However, Kai Mook Beach is the rocky beach not sandy beach and not ideal for swimming. If you wish to enjoy swimming in the sea, you can go further to nearby White Sand Beach (Sai Khao Beach) or Khlong Prao Beach. We are recommended.

Pearl Beach, Koh Chang

Khlong Prao Beach & Chai Chet Beach: It is next to the White Sand Beach and 12 kilometers from Sapparod Bay. It is a quite long beach connected to Kai Bae Beach. The sloping beach is suitable for swimming and beach sports. The northern part of this island is Chai Chet Cape which is rocky, but still it is another good spot to view the sunset. It is not good for swimming, but good for fishing.

Klong Prao Beach< Koh Chang

Kai Bae Beach: This long beach is next from the Khlong Prao Beach, and 15 kilometers from Sapparod Bay. The beach is lined and jammed up with bungalows. The beach is sloppy and safe for swimming. There are both expensive and economy places to choose for your stay. You can rent a bike and ride along the beach to other beaches. This is another good spot to watch the sun setting. When the tide is low, you can walk across to Koh Mun. There are also diving services around Koh Yuak, Koh Man Nok, Koh Man Nai which are not to far from Kai Bae Beach.

Kai Bae Beach

Bai Lan Bay, Koh Chang

Lonely Beach / Bai Lan Beach: Bai Lan and Lonely (Tha Nam) Beaches on Koh Chang are neither sandy beach in quiet part nor suitable for swimming and not relaxing on the beach. The beach is about 100 meters long with stone out crops on both ends. It is promoted to be a new attraction as the 3 main beaches---White Sand Beach, Khlong Prao Beach and Kai Bae Beach are fully developed.


Back-packer homed stay at Bang Bao Village

Bang Bao Fishing Village is a two meters concrete bridge extended into the sea. Both side of it are array with wooden houses for more than a hundred meters.

Each house is built into the sea connected to each other with the bridge. The houses in this area used to to be owned by fisherman families, but now some were changed to restaurants, diving shops, mini marts, tours operators, souvenir shops and small back-packer home stay. As each house is built on the sea, the back balconies are double as piers, or as a place to make dry fish or squid. Perhaps you have more time to walk along the bridge, you will get a different experience from other places. At the end of it is a fisherman pier with lot of local boats.

Therefore Bang Bao Bay is another unique experience on Koh Chang. Today Bang Bao Village got more attention from both Thai and foreign visitors. It is also the place that visitors can look for a one day trip diving or snorkeling and also boats for hiring to various islands such as Koh Kood, Koh Mak, Koh Wai, which are all located nearby Bang Bao Bay.

Concrete bridge