Prachuap Khiri Khan:
Bang Sa Phan district

Baan Krood Beach:
Baan Krood Beach
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It is 65 kilometers southward of Prachuap city. This is a wide white sandy beach with clear water. It has a beachfront road lined with coconut trees and casuarinas. You can stroll along the beach to visit different resorts and restaurant in a peaceful atmosphere, which attracts visitors all year round.
How to get there: from Prachuap town take the road no.4 (Petchakasem Road) down to the south. Turn left at the standing kilometer-stone 382, and continue to the road no.3495, crossing railroad. You will see Baan Krood beachfront road. The distance from Prachuap city to Baan Krood Beach is about 65 kilometers.

Khao Thong Chai:
Khao Thong Chai
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This beachfront hill is between two splendid beaches- Baan Krood and Sai Kaew Beaches. It is the finest scenic point in Bang Sa Bhan district. At the top of the hill, there is a large Buddha statue that is worth-seeing: Pra Bhut Takitti Siri Chai-Pra Maha Tat Chedee Bhakdee Prakad.

Pra Bhut Takitti Siri Chai:
Pra Bhut Kitti Sirichai
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It is a well respected Buddha image in meditating posture, which is 12 meters wide and 10 meters high. The Buddha image sits facing the ocean and is built to honor the Queen Sirikit for her royal highness 60th birthday anniversary.

Krom Luang Chumpon Ket Udomsak Pavilion:
Krom Luang Chumpon Ket Udomsak was a son of the King Rama V and honored as the father of Thai Navy. His manner was highly respected for Thais, especially fishermen. The pavilion is located on Khao Thong Chai, facing the cean also. It is surrounded by a beautiful tropical flower gardens that offer a splendid atmosphere for visitors. This location is believed that it was the place where Krom Luang Chumpon Ket Udomsak was used to rest while his royal boat was anchored here.

Pra Maha Tat Chedee Bhakdee Prakad (UNSEEN THAILAND):
Pra Maha Tat
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It is a big stupa and located on Khao Thong Chai. It is a majestic stupa that was built to honor the King Rama IX for the Golden jubilee of the 50th anniversary of his royal highness accession to the throne of Thailand.

Mae Ram Pueng Bay:
Mae Ram Pueng Bay
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This is a big bay that has a beachfront road. Most locals earn their living from fishery. Visitors can easily see fishermen at work, nets, drying fish and squid on both side of the road. Food and accommodation are available in the area.
How to get there: from Prachuap city take the road no.4 (Petchakasem Road) down on southwards. Turn left at the standing kilometer-stone 399 and next to the road no.3169 to Bang Sa Bhan. Turn left again to Mae Ram Pueng beachfront road.

Bo Thong Lang Bay:
Bo Thong Lang Bay
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This bay lies 4 kilometers north of Ao Mae Ram Pueng. You can reach along the beachfront road from Mae Ram Pueng Beach road to Bo Thong Lang Bay. This rounded shape bay has small hill in front. Thus, this bay is calm and usually has clear water, which makes it popular among visitors.

Wat Khao Mah Rong Cave:
Wat Khao Ma Rong
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It is 3 kilometers southwards of Bang Sa Bhan Market, along the road no.3374. The temple of Mah Rong Cave is situated on the hill and there is a small cave. Inside the cave, there are hundreds of Buddha images. The cave is divided into many coves, ceiling and walls are naturally decorated with stalactites and stalagmites.

Sai Koo Waterfall:
Sai Koo Watefall
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It is located in Thong Mong Khon sub district on the west of Petchakasem Road (Highway no.4). It is a beautiful medium-sized waterfall, which has water all year round. This waterfall has 9 floors, the most beautiful one is the 5th floor which features a wide cliff. The water cascades for nearly 30 meters and two Banyan or Ton Sai grown there which gave it the name of Sai Koo ( Sai in Thai language is Banyan and Koo is even or two-that is "Twin Banyan") There is a pinic area by the stream running down from the waterfall. It is another good trip to spend a day in lush grounds. It is far away from Bang Sa Bhan about 25 kilometers.
How to get there: from Prachuap city take the road no.4 (Petchakasem Road) down on southwards, passing Bang Sa Bhan intersection. Then turn right at the standing kilometer-stone 404 to Baan Pong Go for about 10 kilometers. You will reach Sai Koo Waterfall.
Sai Koo Waterfall
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